Success Stories

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Kai and Jen

Kai, an adorable Labrador/Golden Retriever puppy is more than just a friendly companion to pet parent Jen Liese. He is the “furry helper” who helps Jen get around when her legs fail and alerts her to body tremors before they begin. Years ago, Jen was unknowingly exposed to toxic mold, creating an ongoing struggle for health and mounting medical bills. So when Kai accidentally swallowed a toy squeaker sending him to the emergency team at CARES, Jen didn’t know how she was going to pay for his surgery. That’s when the doctors at CARES recognized Jen was an ideal candidate to receive a grant from Pawsitively Caring to help pay for Kai’s medical expenses. Now, Kai has regained his health and is on his way to becoming a Certified Service Dog. “It’s a god send really,” says Jen. “Kai and I rely on each other. CARES saved his life and our quality of life and I’m forever grateful.”


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Bryan Hackett is also grateful for people who “pay it forward” as he puts it, in the form of the Pawsitively Caring non-profit fund. His puppy Ace ate a rubber bone, which, like Kai, also led him to emergency surgery at CARES. Bryan, who works for a family owned business is on a very limited income and could only pay for about half of Ace’s medical expenses. So, Bryan applied and qualified for Pawsitively­ Caring, which supplied the grant to cover the remaining expenses. “This is such a worthwhile program,” says Bryan. “CARES and Pawsitively Caring really came to my aid. It would not have ended well otherwise. Now, Ace is recovering from surgery and he is doing great!”

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